Our 40 day Path

Today my teenage daughter and I started with a 1.2mile run which is part of our 40 day spiritual and physical transformation. As a family we are reading Rick Warren’s book, What On Earth Am I Here For?. To help with our physical well being I purchased a lot of foods that is supposed to be beneficial to me according to my blood type. The plan is for the spiritual+mental+physical= transformation. Today I stand at 169lbs and 5’5″. The goal is to weigh 159 by mid April. The journey begins!!! šŸ™‚

Involving my children in various aspects of my life has led to a closer family unit.


Author: Women of Beautiful Shades

Mother of three, Founder of Beautiful Shades Mentoring Program for girls and Connecting On Another Level (C.O.A.L) Networking Organization. I love to encourage and inspire based off of my own life experiences and move forward based on what I've learned. I've learn to live, let go, love, and laugh. I do believe experience is a good teacher!!!

6 thoughts on “Our 40 day Path”

  1. I also realize that if you do include your children in things it will bring you closer together. I can say today that me and my 16 year old daughter can sit and talk about anything. Something I couldn’t do with my parents and grandparents. She has also seen me go through different relationship with men and ask different questions about each situation. I am proud to say that she has learn a few things from my mistakes and vow to not have sex until marriage. I’m a proud mother of three. Thanks

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