When A Man Hides A Woman!!!

The statement is: “If he changes the way he treats you when he’s around his friends, he either hasn’t been keeping it real with them or he hasn’t been keeping it real with you.”-Mr. Amari Soul

My question to you: 

1. At what point do you say something when you realize this is happening, right then or later? 

2. How many times should this be allowed? 

3. If you are out on a date and this happens, what should you do, leave or stay? 

People do what we allow them to do. If a person can’t be the same with you in public as they are behind closed doors then you don’t need to be in that relationship. No one should be hidden unless there is something that’s not right in that relationship. A relationship that starts in darkness probably will not go far unless it can allow light to come in, in all areas, and make the necessary corrections.

 God is a God of light, not darkness. Light help things grow. Real Talk!


Author: Women of Beautiful Shades

Mother of three, Founder of Beautiful Shades Mentoring Program for girls and Connecting On Another Level (C.O.A.L) Networking Organization. I love to encourage and inspire based off of my own life experiences and move forward based on what I've learned. I've learn to live, let go, love, and laugh. I do believe experience is a good teacher!!!

2 thoughts on “When A Man Hides A Woman!!!”

  1. You need to say something the moment that you realize that there is a difference in the way he/she is treating you. And it should only happen that one time, because if you do not bring it up to them it will continue to get the different treatment. I have some sort of mixed emotions about whether to leave or stay. If it is the first time it has happened then you should bring it to the other persons attention that you do not like how they treat you when you are out in public together. However, if this the second time you have experienced this behavior then you should just move on.

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