Live in Joy

To live in joy is a decision. It’s a choice to either stay stuck where we are, or in the past, or move forward. Things happen to all of us, the question is whether or not we are going to learn from it and move on or allow it to control our life, stay stuck and be miserable. Being upset angry, resentful or ungrateful can a eventually affect your health. So choose Forgiveness, Joy, Love, and Peace! I promise you will feel better, Real Talk!!!


Author: Women of Beautiful Shades

Mother of three, Founder of Beautiful Shades Mentoring Program for girls and Connecting On Another Level (C.O.A.L) Networking Organization. I love to encourage and inspire based off of my own life experiences and move forward based on what I've learned. I've learn to live, let go, love, and laugh. I do believe experience is a good teacher!!!

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