You’ve Got To Learn To Get Over It – ROHO

As I listened to this short sermon (click on link below) I could identify and had to ask myself have I let any Saul’s go or am I still holding on to any Saul’s in my life. Having a Saul in your life can mean many things. When God says let that Saul (situation, job, relationship, or thing) go in your life, then He means just that. If you try to hold on to it then trouble will come and God’s word says, “obedience is better than sacrifice” (1 Samuel 15:22). 

“Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the Lord?
To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.

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Author: Women of Beautiful Shades

Mother of three, Founder of Beautiful Shades Mentoring Program for girls and Connecting On Another Level (C.O.A.L) Networking Organization. I love to encourage and inspire based off of my own life experiences and move forward based on what I've learned. I've learn to live, let go, love, and laugh. I do believe experience is a good teacher!!!

One thought on “You’ve Got To Learn To Get Over It – ROHO”

  1. I must say wow this topic and sermon has hit home in so many ways. Sometimes we wait on an hindrance become and hindrance and then we cause a hindrance by being disobedient. Clearly I hear in the sermon that Samuel mourned a living Saul and needed to find and anoint the future King David who was in line for the revealing of his destiny but Samuel was hesitate bc of his fear of lost (investments) and his life. I also hear that you cannot only be that Samuel hesitating to anoint David but you can also become that David that causes hesitation in your own life from becoming King. While my new journey educates me it redefines my life the past and things to hope for , my granny would always say ” too much weight breaks down the wagon.” Clearly you need to let what you don’t need to carry stay where it purpose is needed especially if it’s not with you. Now I live with Power Purpose and Great Expectations as David on his rd to King facing galiath I to will have my battles and as in the Word Saul to Paul on the rd to Damascus starting from here not there over there or somewhere but here eliminates hindrance.


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