First blog post-Let’s Walk and Talk!!!

This is the post excerpt.


It’s 2/20/17, and it is such a beautiful day to start Women of Beautiful Shades Blog (WBSB). It’s 72 degrees in the low country of SC and I am super excited to start this blog. I have procrastinated for a few years and now is the time after being motivated by a few close friends.

On this page you will find parts of my life, along with others, bringing to you various topics. No filters, “Real Talk”, but clean daily life highs and lows we all go through and how we have gotten through them. Everyone who is involved is excited to get this path ready to see where it takes us. WBSB is ready to share with the world: our thoughts, experiences, relationship views, and so much more. All are welcome to come walk with us as we let our hair down, get real, laugh, motivate, and inspire. We thank all of you in advanced. Now lets walk and talk!!!



There are four types of fears: fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of rejection, and fear of the unknown. It is very likely that you are struggling with one or more of these fears. These fears can paralyze you and keep you from God’s best. Remember what 2 Timothy 1 says in that God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline.
Which fears do you currently struggle with the most?” Credit (written by): Pastor Craig Groeschel and Life Church and is an insert from Soul Detox

I struggle with all of the above. Fear, fear, fear and daily I ask God to forgive me for living in some kind of fear. I know the scripture, “God has not given me a spirit of fear…..” heck I stress that to my children all the time but yet I struggle. I’m tired and wonder when was this seed planted in me? How did this begin? I can’t stay here in this place because if I do I will drown. I know I’m here for greater, but I just don’t know what. I need help and that’s real talk. Anybody know how this feels?


Written by myself, Sheila B

Picture taken by Sheila B

Happy New Year!!! Thyroid. The tiny, but mighty, psychiatric imposter. | Hypothyroid Mom

Thyroid issues are serious but I think the severity of it is downplayed, especially if not treated. Being under a doctor’s care is very important. How can you go to war when you don’t know what battle you’re fighting? Educate yourself if you have a health issue… don’t ignore it. #fighthypothyroidism #fightthehyp


Through the Eyes of Faith, My Daughter! How we see things “life” differently 💞

Today my daughter and I decided that we will blog together, like a mother/ daughter duo. We will share our thoughts on how we differ and agree in opinion. This is something we agreed to do as a ministry and hope others will be blessed by our relationship as we continue to grow. These topics are real, fun but most of all we are sharing out of love as we tend to agree to disagree. In the next two years Faith will be preparing to be the last one to leave the next. Being the only girl, and being in her teens, our views tend to differ even though I can see me in her. 💞💞💞

Our first topic: The hair🙄

Faith says she likes bright colors (pink, purple, yellow, etc) and she thinks that I like boring colors in the blonde and red family, but of course black.

I’m trying to get my daughter to understand that you cannot wear all types of colors and expect to get a job. She is 16yrs old, almost 17, so I do not expect her to think as I think.

Faith: I get what you say mom but sometimes people just wanna have fun.

Me: Well you can have fun and not get a decent professional job. Those colors may be appropriate for certain jobs like being a hair dresser, a tattoo artist, maybe even in retail depending on what you’re doing in retail. Those colors may not be appropriate for office jobs, white color positions or the military.

Faith: 🤔Maybe I should have asked you to let my dye my hair when I was younger (highlights)

Me: That’s funny, well no need to talk about that now since it is not going to happen and was not going to happen even back then🤣😂

Faith: I guess you won this conversation since mom always know what’s best🙄

Me: I will not say I know what’s always best but I just want you to think about some of the things you want to do to express yourself. I love you Faith and I respect your opinion.

Faith: I love you mom and thank you for your opinions😘

Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

“I Can’t Help It!”

When God begins to deal with us about wrong behavior, it’s easy enough to say, “I can’t help it,” but it takes real courage and faith to say, “I’m ready to take responsibility and get my life straightened out.”

Much of our thinking is habitual. If we regularly think about God and good things, godly thoughts become natural. Thousands of thoughts flow through our minds every day. We may feel we have no control, but we do. Although we don’t have to use any effort to think wrong thoughts, we have to use much effort to think good thoughts. As we begin to make changes, we will have to fight a battle.

Our mind is the battlefield, and Satan’s primary way of initiating his evil plan for us is through our thoughts. If we feel we have no power over our thoughts, Satan will entrap and defeat us. Instead, we can determine to think in godly ways.

God has given us the power to decide–to choose right thinking over wrong. But once we make that choice, we must continue to choose right thoughts. It’s not a once-and-for-all decision, but it does get easier. The more we fill our lives with reading the Bible, prayer, praise, and fellowship with other believers, the easier it is for us to continue choosing right thoughts.

It takes time to learn to choose good and push away evil. It won’t be easy, but we’re moving in the right direction every time we take responsibility and make the right choices.

Pray: Powerful God, remind me that I can and do make choices every day. Please help me to monitor my thoughts, choosing only those that will help me overcome the devil and win the battle for my mind. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

From the book Battlefield of the Mind Devotional by Joyce Meyer. Copyright © 2005 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved.

Identifying Wounds in Need of Healing

This was a great read….
Like physical wounds, emotional wounds have symptoms. If you’ve been ignoring the signs or growing numb to your own pain, I’d like to share some tools to diagnose a soul wound. This is an opportunity for you to courageously identify what hurts. Pain isn’t your enemy. It’s your ally in finding the real problem.

Invite God to guide the process by praying these words:

Dear heavenly Father, please bring to my attention any wounds from my past or present that You are ready to start healing. Protect my heart and mind with the power of Your Holy Spirit as You guide me with Your gentle hand. Fill every broken place in my heart with Your truth. I trust You to heal me. In Jesus’s name, amen.

Trusting God to guide you, look for clues that may signal unresolved wounds. I know this can be rough, but I promise, the good is coming. Here are ten symptoms that can help you identify wounds that need healing in your life:

You avoid specific places.
You avoid certain people.
You have made a silent inner vow.
You suffer from emotional triggers
You engage in addictive behaviors or have an unhealthy attachment.
You wound others.
You experience ongoing, unresolved grief.
Your thoughts bully you.
You have a secret you’ve never told anyone.
You struggle to verbalize your hurt.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you may be suffering from unresolved wounds from your past. Take a moment to grab a journal and list the symptoms you’ve noticed and prayerfully consider what might have caused the wounds you carry today. In the book Beauty Marks, there is a study guide provided where, you’ll be able to dig in to identify your symptoms and their causes.

Good Physician: Tell Jesus about your suffering and watch what He does with your wound. Begin and end your prayer by speaking hope aloud:

He was despised and rejected by mankind,
a man of suffering, and familiar with pain.
Like one from whom people hide their faces.…
Surely he took up our pain
and bore our suffering. (Isa. 53:3–4)

Care: Now it’s time to tell a safe person you trust about your wound, such as a pastor, mentor, counselor, or close friend. Whom could you tell? Ask that person to pray with you.

It’s possible to be wounded even if others don’t recognize your hurt. Deep down, you know it. You didn’t need this book to dig it up.

Pause for a moment.

Now picture Jesus Himself holding your face in both of His nail scarred hands and looking directly into your eyes. Hear Him say to you, “I love you. I see you. I hear your cries. I remember you. I will take on your pain. I will heal you.”

Let those words soak into your soul!

Did you enjoy this reading plan? You can learn more about Beauty Marks and sign up to get more free resources from David C Cook here.

Happy Blogversary

Today, I celebrate one year of blogging. It was not an easy journey but I made it through. No I didn’t post daily, weekly, or sometimes monthly. I posted when I was lead to post, hoping that it will be a blessing to at least one, including myself. This blog was created to share what I experienced personally, seen, tasted, cooked, or others experience. I pray for a more productive 2nd year and to get back to my love for expression through writing.

Find what you are good at and master that. God gives all of us gifts and talents but if we don’t use it we may lose it.

I enjoyed blogging and hope you do what you enjoy. Real Talk💞💞💞

Letting go!

Letting go is so hard to do. We hold on to people, past memories, places, things or bad habits. One of the reasons it is hard to let go is because “it” becomes comfortable and it can be fearful to us to make a change in our life that we know may be good for us. It’s the fear of the unknown! God has not given us a spirit of fear, but there are a lot of things in life we can allow to get the best of us due to fear. We fear that we will hurt others. We are fearful of being successful. We are fearful of change and being uncomfortable in the process. We are fearful of the work that comes with change and letting go. We are fearful to let go of our insecurities. We are even fearful of letting go of hurt and pain. We do not know how to be free of the guilt and shame of letting go and being free from: lies, hurt, negative thoughts and emotions, pain, rejection, loneliness, and all the things that satan tries to place in us.

There is a time and a season for everything, including people in our lives. When God says that the time or the season is up for a particular thing, habit or person learn the art of letting go. If we don’t learn to let go we end up in BONDAGE to: self, people, things, habits, negative thinking, hurt and pain, feelings and emotions. Which can all become STRONGHOLDS.

This process gets easier the more you do it💞

The longer you take the harder it is.

Remember, we have to let go of our old spirit man and die to self daily.

When God says it’s time to let go, let “IT” go!

Trust letting go and letting God…….. Real Talk💞💞💞